Make sure you stand out from the crowd. If nobody knows what you're doing, you may as well not be doing it!

You may well have a great product or service but it will only be  successful if you have enough customers.

Do you know who your customers are, what they want or need, do they know how to buy the product or access your service. You may also need to research your competition!

Whatever form of marketing activity you plan to undertake, its a good idea to have a plan in place to follow-up the contacts you have made.  For example: If you send potential new customers a mailing, follow it up with a telephone call a few days later.  If you meet a number of new contacts at a networking event make sure you create or add them to a database for future mailings.

We can assist with your marketing activities including:

¹ Marketing Database Creation & Updating
¹ Marketing Material
¹ Mailmerge & Mailshots
¹ Email Marketing
¹ Research, Follow-up and Product/Service Evaluations
¹ Bulk Mailings

If there is anything not on the list that you would like assistance with please contact us, I'm sure we could help. 

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