Coaching is an effective way for you to identify your aims, take control of your situation and fulfil your potential with positive action. 

Whatever your goals, we aim to move you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

InTray works in partnership with a fantastic, innovative and dynamic coaching company, who are able to provide services to businesses, individuals and groups, with extensive coaching experience from corporate clients to the most vulnerable people in or society.

The focus, however always remains the same: empowering people to take control and responsibility for their lives, working towards achieving their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

¹ Business Coaching
¹ Personal Performance Coaching

Using innovation and creativity a coaching experience is available to meet your unique requirements.

¹ Personal Coaching - identify where you want to be
¹ Workshops/Seminars - discover the effects of coaching
¹ Training Events - unlock the potential of your staff
¹ Coaching Parties - an alternative 'night in' with friends

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