Getting it right is crucial when it comes to written communications.    Spelling, grammar, punctuation, is it there, their or they're?  Style and presentation - it all counts. 

The quality of your written language has a direct impact on how others perceive you - whether they are potential clients, colleagues or potential employers.

Poor spelling, grammar, punctuation, style and presentation detract from your natural intelligence, ability and expertise.   Maybe you struggle with spelling and you know how unreliable computer spell-checks can be. Some errors are not picked up because a word is actually spelled correctly......but it's the wrong word!  

Whether you are submitting your CV or cover letter to a prospective employer, handing a report in to your manager, or marketing material, the quality of your documentation has a direct impact on how you are perceived as a professional.

Whatever written material you are producing let us cast our eyes over it first.

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